Announcing My First Novel: Haints

Update: City Limits Publishing folded before my book was released. I decided to hire a company to publish Haints myself. I’m still so proud of my debut novel, and I hope you’ll love it, too! I left the original announcement below, since it’s party of my publishing story.

I’ve been waiting weeks (like WEEKS) to be able to officially make this announcement! I’m so excited!

City Limits Publishing is releasing my debut novel, Haints, on July 29. After years of writing, rewriting, editing, editing, editing, editing, and submitting on repeat, this feels like I’m on a surreal, runaway train!

You may remember that I turned down an earlier contract (with a different publisher) for Haints, because it was … well, not a good contract. In the interest of helping out fellow writers, I’m happy to report that my contract with City Limits is highly author-friendly. Additionally, I was encouraged to give a lot of creative input on my cover! So far, my relationship with this small, indie publisher has been pretty great.

I have to give props to the art team over at CLP. They put up with several rounds of (friendly) suggestions and requests to come up with the beauty you see in that photo above.

Keep an eye on future posts for excerpts and synopses, and other social media tidbits to come. Huzzah!

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  1. […] Haints is still well-received. It seems the Kindle version is pretty popular on Amazon, and I frequently have to replenish hard copies on my local Knoxville stores: Ijams Nature Center, Union Ave, Whimsy and a Dream, Bear Den Books, Tonya Rea’s Tea. If you’re looking for a great autumn read, Haints has all the cozy/creepy juxtaposition you could want 🙂 […]


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