Well, F*$k This.

My (ex) small publisher, City Limits Publishing, is spectacularly imploding.

Readers might remember my blog about turning down a contract with a small publisher because the terms were limiting and not author-friendly. I thought I’d try once more to find a press that didn’t see authors as adversarial. My contract with CLP was great! But, as all of us eventually discover, what’s on paper doesn’t always match real life practices.

Fast forward: CLP apparently didn’t pay many of its authors’ royalties, and there were a number of other quality control complaints, as well as shadiness like using print-on-demand when they promised full-on piles of pre-printed books.


Photo by Fred Kearney on Unsplash

The good news is as soon as I get my rights back free and clear, I’m going to self publish Haints. I’ve come too far with this lil’ baby to let her fade away now! I’ve been researching for years, including chats with authors who’ve published both traditionally and self-pubbed. And to say I’m jaded with the traditional publishing community is beyond accurate. I’m ready to give another model a shot.

I’ll keep you posted on when you can get your hands on my debut book!

Do you have a perspective on traditional vs. self-publishing? Please share! Comment below, or send me a message.

3 responses to “Well, F*$k This.”

  1. Hang on to your rights! I am self-published my novel soon, finalizing my cover this week, and have found there is no “easy” answer. Buy your own ISBNs is my best advice


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