About Meghan Palmer

A Southern Yankee

If we’re defined by the things we’ve seen and done in our lives, then maybe I’ll just tell you a little of that stuff and you can draw your own conclusions.

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Tsk, tsk…a selfie in the library.


I was born in Dade City, Florida, where my parents told me not to go play in the cow pasture across the road by myself. There were occasionally alligators in the pond there. Paradoxically (but a concept well-known to fellow Floridians) the further south a person is in Florida, the more northern they really are, so I’m a Southern Yankee.

When I was eleven years old we moved to Tennessee, making my family true Half-Backs. See, they started in Michigan, moved to Florida (where I was born) and then moved halfway back. There is a loose tribe of Half-Backs in Northeast Tennessee and in Western North Carolina. I chalk it up to a collective Goldilocks syndrome–too cold, too hot, ah yes, just right!

Just after graduating from high school I became a professional whitewater rafting guide, though professional is probably too ambitious a term in the case of an 18-year-old kid earning her water wings. I did it to kind of call my own bluff; I was mildly terrified of all the things I could not see, or could just barely see, under the water. Remember the cow pond and the alligators from my early childhood? Yea, I do, too.

Much of what I’ve done since then has been to call my own bluff. The things I’m most afraid of I usually jump right into just as soon as I figure out I’m terrified. Motherhood, homebirthing, totally restructuring my family’s lives to achieve financial freedom…yes, that means quitting a professional job to be with the people I love most, the ones I helped to make. No, I don’t have enough money to do it. I did it anyway.

Interestingly, one of the most major decisions of my life I was never afraid to make: marrying my husband. I did that without blinking and I’ve never looked back.

I’m a writer, among other things. You can find my creative nonfiction essays in volumes one and two of Home and Hill. You can find my articles about lifestyle in the mountain south in Marquee Magazine.

You can now find my published fiction available from fine purveyors of ebooks web-wide.

If you’re interested, here is my author page on Amazon.