Talking with Caterpillars, and Other Stuff I Wish I Could Do.

Because I’m constantly inspired by the crazy-lovely, diverse and (at times) bizarre plants and animals in my part of Appalachia, my characters in Haints can communicate with the living things in their world. I definitely wish I could talk to creatures like the caterpillar below. I’d tell her she’s beautiful, and that I only want to scootch her off the trail so she doesn’t get pulverized before she gets the chance to wrap herself in a cocoon, turn herself into an alarming amount of goo and emerge as a moth that’s still lovely, even if she isn’t as shockingly turquoise as her caterpillar former-ego.

bright turquoise colored caterpillar crawls on the forest floor
I found this horned hickory caterpillar while hiking in Tennessee.

I think if I were a caterpillar/butterfly, I’d probably be this one. I was a lot louder, and a lot more carefree in my younger, caterpillar days. I’ve definitely done my time in a goo-state, inside my chrysalis. And, maybe, I think … I’m becoming a more chill, more happy and less visually loud butterfly.

What kind of caterpillar/butterfly combo do you think you’d be?

Haints coming on down the line! I approved print proofs, now just need to get it in gear to approve the ebook proofs. Stay tuned.

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