Haints eBook Available Now!

Big news!

My debut novel, Haints, is now available as an eBook on BookBaby. Click here to get your copy!

I’m expecting my author’s copies to arrive next week, and I’m planning readings for the coming months.

blue background with white, abstract butterfly and white tree outlines. The title and author are printed in red text.
Haints book cover!

Here’s an overview of the book:

“Haints” is a fantastical novel that tells the story of the Whitts, a shamanistic Appalachian family, each with their own special talent, tied to their farm since time immemorial. They live a life of uneasy truce with the surrounding community. For generations, the family has been tasked with protecting the world from the threat of haints—spirits drawn to feast on the bright, delicious lure of human emotion. When the haints are called out again, the entire Whitt family must find a new weapon to restore the precarious push and pull of light and dark. The ancestral spirits, bursting from their slumber as butterflies, lead the valley in a spirit walk, where the Whitt family must find the ultimate weapon against despair. But first, the Whitts will have to conquer their own doubts and fears.

I’ll post dates for readings when I have them!

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