Haints Sequel? Or …

I’ve had a few people asking me whether Haints will have a sequel. It’s an interesting question, because I wrote it as a stand-alone, but there is one character in my debut novel who could tempt me to jump into the Appalachian farm with a mystical special sauce atmosphere for another story: Granny.

But Haints 2.0 wouldn’t be a sequel. I’d write it as a prequel. Granny fascinates me as a character. She’s gritty, deeply loving, philosophical in a self-taught, yet sophisticated way. She’s tough, and proud, and very complicated. I sometimes wonder what she was like as a young woman, during Prohibition days. I’d be willing to bet she was a firecracker. She was a rule-breaker and a heart-breaker … after all, in Haints, we never do find out who June’s daddy was.

I do love a good literary series … Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash

Granny is the matriarch in Haints. She’s mother to more than her blood kin; she takes in June’s bride and helps her discover her own strength. When strong women lift each other up, they heal more than just themselves and each other; they become the mortar that binds entire families together. Sometimes entire communities, too. It’s true in Haints, and it’s true in my own life experience. It’s a kind of magic all on its own.

I’m still waiting to get proofs back on my sweet literary baby! I’m excited to see what the new cover looks like. I’m still thinking September is the drop date for Haints. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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