Haints Out and About

I’ve been busy with my day job and family, but I’ve been able to make some time for talking Haints and literary miscellany with small audiences over the past weeks.

If you’re looking for a place to buy my novel, Haints, here’s a link to the book shop at BookBaby: CLICK HERE. You can also scroll to the bottom of the blog for more purchasing options.

At one of my favorite local beverage shops, Tonya Rea’s Tea, I met up with a reader who could easily have sprung from the pages of Haints. In a totally surreal instance of life imitating art, this lovely woman reached out to tell me that Whitt (the name of the main characters in Haints) was a family name, and that her ancestry included both Cherokee and European folk–just like the characters in my story. She pointed out things in Haints that reminded her of her mother’s traditions and superstitions. She even asked me if I had researched her family to write the story. (I hadn’t!)

It was so much fun to discuss the story with her. She consented to my using her photo, so here we are discussing Haints over herbal tea!

Me with a reader who could have sprung from the pages of my book, Haints.

In an equally fun book club appearance, I answered lots of questions about my creative process and Appalachian Magical Realism. One reader asked me where the Whitts go from here, after this part of the story is over … I had to demur! I don’t talk about works in progress, or stuff that’s simmering on my mental back burner. It completely wilts the magic.

Talking Haints with a Knoxville book club.

If you’re looking for your own copy of Haints, you can find it in several local shops in Knoxville: Ijams gift shop, Union Ave book store, Whimsy & A Dream, and Tonya Rea’s Tea Shop. Online, you can find it at Amazon (click here) or BookBaby (click here.)

Don’t feel shy about reaching out with questions or thoughts about the book! As you can see, I get jazzed about connecting with readers.

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