Haints is out! So How’s it Going?

Book sales for Haints are slowly climbing! It’s an exciting time. It’s a busy time, too, because I’m planning my official launch and local readings. But I had a pause in the chaos to really enjoy this moment of triumph when I dropped off a box of books at one of my favorite local shops.

I’m taking a minute even now to let that sink in … I dropped of a box of books at Whimsy and a Dream in Knoxville, Tennessee! (Inner squeeeee!)

Books titled Haints displayed around a vintage lamp.

One of the reasons I chose to publish with BookBaby is they have a nice, in-house shop. It’s another outlet to sell my books, and there’s a good-looking author page to go along with it. Click here to check that out. There’s also a link to the bookshop listing for Haints at the bottom of that page.

So, now that I’ve got the eBook and presales for paperbacks up and running (on Amazon and on BookBaby) and I’ve got a few paperbacks in local circulation, what’s next?

Marketing materials gotta get made! That, and I have to book my readings at a couple of local shops, approach more local places to form partnerships for sales, and get those things all announced to Knoxville’s blogs and neighborhood events bulletins. Seems simple when I write it like that, but there are so many moving parts to set in motion. Luckily, I have help–family, friends and my amazingly talented and supportive boss at Robin Easter Design here in Knoxville’s Old City.

With any luck, I’ll be cutting out bookmarks and schlepping around books next week.

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