Heart and Soul … and Logistics.

When you’re a writer, you concern yourself only with what’s in your mind and what makes it onto the page. Story, atmosphere, characters, heart and soul: these are the daily concerns of a writer.

When you become an author, you find yourself concerned with a new geographical region of the brain: logistics. Anyone who has seen a news headline over the past weeks has heard about the supply chain crisis. Book publishers in particular are hard hit by the shipping fiasco playing out in our ports right now. Lots and lots of books are printed in China these days.

One of the reasons I chose to publish Haints with BookBaby is they print books at their press in Pennsylvania. Yes, right there, with ink and American paper, and real, live hands to take my story and make it something to hold.

Close up of book cover for Haints with metal Ijams sign in the background.
My book, Haints, making an appearance at Ijams Nature Center.

So if you’re looking for a literary gift this holiday season, give the BookBaby shop a look-see. There are lots of great indie authors to browse there! And take a stroll to your nearest independent booksellers. Any bookstore can order books, even if they aren’t on the shelves. (This includes Haints!) Here are some shops local to Knoxville with great stuff, who (bonus!) also sell Haints:

Are you planning to give books this holiday season? Comment to tell me where you’re buying them. (No wrong answers 🙂 )

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