A Facelift for My Portfolio

While I work hard on my fiction projects, I also have a day job … well, sort of. I freelance for local marketing agencies and design firms who need website copy, articles, press releases and more. I actually love this work; it keeps me plugged in to the pulse of local entrepreneurial activity, which is energizing! It makes me proud of my community to see people hustling to make their business dreams come true. And, it leaves me time for my passion project: Yonder Backyard Adventures, which I run with my friend, Tim.

stacks of books

So, how do I land these jobs? I do old-fashioned networking, which means I participate in my community, in-person. I also follow up on jobs published through places like Indeed.com. Lately, I have a couple of steady clients, so I spend less time job chasing and more time getting paid for my time. But that doesn’t mean I slack on my professional online presence! And you shouldn’t, either. I use Clippings.me for my digital portfolio. They have a nice free platform that allows me to upload my work, including thumbnails, descriptions and PDFs. Their paid version is a little fancier.

It’s slightly annoying that you have to download the PDFs to your computer/phone to read my articles, but it’s serviceable. And, recently, Clippings.me have done a site upgrade, which means the whole look and feel is cleaner, making it easier to visually navigate. Check it out! Clippings.me.meghanpalmer.

If you don’t have your digital portfolio set up, you really have no excuses. Employers expect to be able to see samples of your work easily, and giving that extra polish to your portfolio can be the difference between a job offer and a “No, thanks.”

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