Ah, the writer’s life. Plus, I’ll be blog-MIA.

Hi, readers!

I’ve recently sent my last Mermaid Underground book off to the editors, and am waiting to receive a big pile of digital notes on story pacing, overall plot, etc.

I’m also working on editing a novel I’ve been beating up on for years. It’s a major rewrite, and I’m sure I’ll do at least another after this.

Finally, I’m strongly considering paying for a company to format and publish my novellas, possibly all in one big book. Electronically, of course. I’m checking my options on that, and seeing of the ROI is worth it. It’s pretty difficult to write, and get my technical and creative on fleek (sorry, that slang might be way too cool for me) PLUS do all the marketing and publishing necessary to get it all out there. I know some writers do that and rock it, but I’m struggling. (I do also have a full-time copywriter J-O-B.) (And I’m also a full-time parent. Of two.)

Anyway, I’ll be back to blogging more regularly once I get sorted in my writing life! Until then, write on!


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