Devolution for 99 Cents!

In anticipation of Book 2 in the Mermaid Underground Series releasing later this month (or around the first of July!) I have decided to lower the price of Book 1: Devolution to 99 cents. Click on the fancy widget to the right to go to the book on Amazon.

Here’s an updated book description. It would normally appear on the inside of the dust jacket, but…no jacket, so my blog will have to do!

devolution image for sp

James Hamrick’s world in rural Florida is rapidly devolving. After quitting college (again) and coming back to the childhood home built on bad memories and failed expectations, he has to put his own troubles aside because his family has much bigger problems.

Is his mother losing her mind? Or is she becoming something he can barely understand?

He doesn’t know who is more ominous, his estranged father or the man’s sinister business associate, but right now, Jim and his sister, Ally, have to get their mother out of their father’s clutches and into the water…it’s the only choice they have left!

Here’s the cover for Evolution: Book 2:

Evolution cover

Stay tuned for release updates! Thanks for reading!

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