Self Actualization: Top O’ the Pyramid

Yesterday, I had a rousing debate (mostly with myself) about my life’s endeavors, specifically writing. This pursuit of ethereal worlds and people has brought me genuine pleasure and immense pain-truly-but it’s also something I can’t lay down on the path beside me and walk on away from.

I opened my email account this morning to a new blog post from Mr. Money Mustache. He’s a personal hero of mine, and his practical application of money intelligence  can only be matched by his full-powered, machismo-fueled philosophy on life…and how excess of material crap only weighs you down, mind and soul.

Here’s an excerpt from this excellent money/life guru’s latest post, regarding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

If you have basic security, you are finally happy enough seek out family, intimacy, and friendship. From there, you move up to confidence, and earning and cherishing the respect of others. If you are lucky enough to have all of that going on, you get to roam around in the exotic land of self actualization, being creative and moral and working on personal growth.

That’s what writing is all about, really: self actualization. So for me to pursue this occupation is really saying ‘no’ to fancy, material things and saying ‘yes’ to the pursuit of happiness.

Read the rest of Mr. Money Mustache’s blog here.

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