Reviews for Haints

Book reviews are always fraught–with the great reviews always come the bad. I’ve posted the two Amazon reviews I have above. They’re the kind of reviews an author dreams about! But I kind of (just kind of) wish I had a few more lukewarm or even negative reviews. Why? Because that would mean that many more of my readers had posted! I welcome feedback! If you’ve read Haints, please take a moment to review it. If you didn’t purchase on Amazon, feel free to shoot me a review on social media. Click here to get to my Instagram account, and here for Facebook.

Books sell by word of mouth. I’ve had readers tell me they sent a copy of Haints to a friend in New Zealand (how cool is that?) and that a podcast out of California reviewed Haints, though I haven’t found the episode. If you guys are Reading Glasses podcast fans, and you find the episode that mentions my book, PLEASE let me know!

It’s always exciting to hear there’s been buzz about my book. I hear from friends and family who’ve read it, which really boosts my day, but the best gift you can give any artist is helping to get their name and work out there in the public eye. So … please post reviews :).

Get your copy of Haints at BookBaby by clicking here!

Get your copy of Haints on Amazon by clicking here!

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