Luttrell Psalter

Chances are, if you’re interested in medieval things, you’ve heard of the Luttrell Psalter. If you haven’t, let me illuminate you! (hehehe … a little psalter joke, there. Illuminate? Like the illuminations the monks drew into the pages of the book? Aaah … I won’t apologize for my terrible humor.)

The Luttrell Psalter! It’s actually a part of my legacy, which I find gratifying, as a writer. See, my ancestors (some of them, anyway. Turns out I’ve got quite a lot of ancestors.) were Luttrells. Some of them had a castle, and were in favor with King John. While also being rebellious, apparently: Geoffrey Luttrell was present at the signing of the Magna Carta.

This same Geoffrey was interested in literature, before there really was literature as we know it. He commissioned a very expensive, very fantastical and yet practical psalter to be written, detailing the daily life of the Luttrell estates, as well as religious writings (after all, psalms were the original content of psalters.)

Years passed, some even more rebellious Luttrells found themselves on a boat to the New World, and my branch of Luttrells was planted. Still, the Luttrell Psalter survived, and is considered the best example of the medieval written word still in existence.

So, I blame my rebellious nature, my drive to write and my tendency to veer into the fantastical on my 14th century roots.

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