First things first: Happy New Year! Part of me loves this “fresh start” idea with turning over a new calendar. It’s a chance to make new goals with the bright-eyed outlook of actually achieving them. A smaller part of me thinks that’s silly; you can start a new year full of goals any time you want to. Our system of keeping time is arbitrary, anyway, and not very good. It’s imprecise enough to leave leftover days every four years, for goodness’ sakes.  


It’s never a bad time to wish someone happiness and prosperity, though, so I wish it!  

I’ve been neglecting my blog. I have many good reasons for this, all falling under that nebulous, overarching prerogative-maker/changer called life. I have a new job. Three new jobs, really; two freelance writing gigs and a part-time position at an ad agency in Knoxville. I have to say, the last quarter of last year really opened me up creatively and professionally. We’re also in the process of setting up what amounts to a family compound in the woods of South Knox. See? I’ve been busy! 

For those readers who are trying to hack it in the thorny world of freelance writing, I have a series of blogs coming up in the next few weeks about my professional endeavors of late.  

For all those who barrage me with messages of irritation because I’ve waited so long to get back to the Poor Valley Witch story, I have this to say: Ok, Mike! I get it! I’ll get back to writing it. 

I had planned to release the third and final installment of the Mermaid Underground series at the end of 2016, but (happily) I was too entrenched in my new jobs and moving my family, or at least getting started moving them. I say “happily” because I needed to get better perspective on that story before I could immerse myself again. Mermaid pun intended. So 2017 will be the year of the final Mermaid Underground story: Revolution! 

May your new year start with joy or contentment, or, if those aren’t in sight, something cathartic that will be the bridge to a better outlook.


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