Evolution: Book 2 of Mermaid Underground now Live!

Evolution cover

James Hamrick’s life is derailed when he discovers his mother is a mermaid. He thinks she is safe in the water, but now he has a choice to make: save himself, or go straight into the dangerous, watery territory of his enemy to save his mother and sister.

In this second installment of the Mermaid Underground series, Li, Jim’s devoted friend, is evolving rapidly into a dangerous, fiery creature…and he’ll need her more than ever by the end!

I have to admit, this one was tougher to get done than my first novella in the series: Devolution. Part of the difficulty was pressure; I knew I had to drive the story (so it would be good!), I had to get it done and e-published, both to promote my first book and platform and so the story wouldn’t stagnate.

It’s hard with kids. Many writers with young kids read other blog posts about stay-at-home parents who merrily balance a kid on their laps as they type away, timing their breaks from the keyboard with snacks and a quick diaper change. Then it’s back to click-clacking away, tipping a wink at the cherubic little bundle while they entertain themselves happily.

Here’s reality: the glow of the computer screen attracts kids like the promise of artificially flavored sugar treats. They start out in the other room. I ignore the occasional clunk or minor crash. They’re just playing, right? No harm done. Or, any harm done can be yelled about later, when my character has resolved this pending inner conflict. Then…they’re in the living room, feet away, and the growling-teasing-squealing escalates to screaming and the “Mom, she just crashed the car into my head!”

Then it’s “Mom, pay attention to me,” and “Mom, I need food to sustain my life,” and “Mom, I just pooped and smeared it on the sheets you just changed ten minutes ago.”

If you are a writer, and if you have kids (God knows we love ’em) then here’s to you: I raise my invisible stein and take a drink. No alcohol yet; it’s 7 in the morning. And I’m not that kind of mom. Yet.

Click here to see Evolution on Amazon, for $0.99.

Devolution will be promoted for the low price of **free** on July 1 and 2, 2016 (that’s this weekend, folks!) If you haven’t read it, this is your chance!


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