Evolution: Off to the Editor!

I sent my second book in the Mermaid Underground series off to my editor today! It’s rough–rougher than I would have liked, but sometimes you just need to take your eyes away from something and let someone else pore over it for a while.

The story took a turn I didn’t expect…which I kind of love. I take an organic approach to writing, and though I attempt to keep running tabs on characters and their doings, I don’t map it all out ahead of time. It leads to magical feelings toward my writing, which is nice (for me) and it also leads to some tangled up problems (not as nice for me.)

In any event, expect to see Devolution (book 1 in the series) on sale for *free* in about a month while I am promoting Evolution (book 2) on Kindle. I’ll be experimenting more with different digital sales platforms, I think. Enrolling in KDP Select hasn’t done much for me, so I don’t see the appeal in sticking with just Kindle.

What about my other indie writers and self publishers out there? What’s your opinion on KDP Select? What’s your writing style? Drop a comment and start a conversation.

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