DEVOLUTION Available on Amazon!

As of April 3, 2016 my first novella, Devolution, is officially added to the electronic aether of the Kindle Direct Publishing ebook shelves. It is the first in a series titled Mermaid Underground.

Here’s the book description:

James Hamrick is worried about his mother. He moves back home to take care of her after dropping out of college (again), only to discover the truth about her condition. As the family secrets stack up, each question answered brings with it another mystery–about those he loves, his estranged father and the women in his old man’s life.

In this, the first volume in the Mermaid Underground series, Jim discovers he is far more important than he ever thought possible. And, in protecting the family he loves, he finds himself in danger darker than the watery depths below the surface of the earth.

After months of working around the schedule set by my two young kids, gratefully (and greedily) hoarding the days I had alone when one of the grandmothers nearby offered to babysit, stealing time to write, hunched over my laptop during the odd toddler nap or in a burst of post-bedtime energy, I finally cranked out the finished product. And then I rewrote it. And my faithful, discerning first reader took a crack at it. I rewrote again. I sent it to my editor, the talented Emily Sikora Katt. Who then bled red electronic ink all over in track changes. After another rewrite…more tweaks, something added, something taken away…in effect, Cinderella’s dress is ready for the ball!

Please check it out. I hope you like it.

Here is the link to Devolution on Amazon.

The second in the series is in the works.

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